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Accelerated Freefall



Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the fast track program designed to turn you into a competent skydiver in the shortest period of time. It will require you to attend ground school (+/- a 5 hour course). On your first jump, two highly experienced and specially trained instructors will hold your parachute harness as you exit the plane and experience 40 seconds of free fall. They will be at your side to coach, assist, and evaluate your performance. After you open your parachute you will enjoy about a 5 minute parachute ride, after which you will need to make your first solo square parachutelanding, as your instruction has prepared you to do. Subsequent AFF training "Levels" are designed to add to your skills and self-confidence. Starting with Level Four, you will just have one Instructor. You can be "off instruction" and qualified as a novice parachutist in as few as ten jumps.

AFF Level Break-Down

Jump altitude: 11,000 feet .

AFF Level 1

Includes: Ground school (Instruction), First jump, Two Instructors, Rental of equipment, Club

membership till end of year, PASA student membership till end of year, Logbook.

Edited video footage of jump put onto DVD optional.

Levels 2 and 3

Includes: Briefing for level, Jump, Two Instructors, Rental of Equipment

Levels 4 to 7

Includes: Briefing for level, Jump, One Instructor, Rental of Equipment

Level 8 & 9

Two solo consolidation jumps including briefing and rental of equipment

Level 10 test

Graduation Jump

Please Note: Video footage is available on request for levels 1 to 7 at an additional cost.


1       You must be at least 16 years of age to make a skydive with parental consent.

2       You should be in a reasonably good physical condition and less than 95KG.

3       Wear casual, comfortable clothes - a good pair of athletic/tennis type shoes will do.


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